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Here, you can find a bit of information about the things I do in the rare time I don't have the warming glow of a Microsoft Word document in my face. To see the individual pages, you can hover over the "Fun Stuff" menu and click the appropriate link, or simply click on any of the links below.

Genealogy Project

Note: Best viewed on a PC/Mac, not mobile phones or tablets

For quite some time, I've been interested in digging back into my family's history to see where I come from. After years of talking to relatives and sorting through old documents and travel manifestos, I have enough to start building a tree that goes back five generations. This project will continue over the coming weeks; it takes some time to upload data related to all individuals in the tree. When I'm done, my goal is to have a comprehensive tree that goes back to the 1700s, complete with pictures and scans of documents that tell the story of all my family members.

Races, Competitions, and Hockey (under construction)

To counteract the effects of penne with vodka sauce, I try to keep active. I have recently taken to running charity road races, restarted weight training, and have begun to (kinda) work toward a half-marathon (stop laughing). These activities typically consist of me cursing my lack of oxygen while my face gets progressively more red, but I enjoy them nevertheless. This page will contain some of the details of my huffing and puffing exploits, along with my hockey experiences. Eventually, this will include Crossfit competitions, but let's not get ahead of ourselves.

Creative Writing (under construction)

Complain though I might about being stuck in front of a laptop all day, it turns out you can use computers for things other than data analysis and answering student e-mails. Case in point, I've taken to writing short stories, some of which I may post under this link as I complete them. Whether I post a story will probably be a function of (a) whether I think it's not entirely horrible, and (b) my confidence that nobody will throw rotten tomatoes at me through an open window for my attempts at being creative. In any event, if you want to read something from the right side of my brain, this is the spot to do it.

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