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Don't Expect Too Much

Don't get me wrong. I'll publish here every so often. Mostly, I will promote good, rigorous, empirical research on communication and violent extremism by researchers I respect and think do awesome work. However, there are a few reasons why I hope that you won't come to expect too much from this humble research blog.

1) I use my Twitter (@KurtBraddock) as the primary means through which I distribute research that I find interesting. Any notable research that I do is typically posted there as well, but I'm not above posting my published work to every social media outlet available to me. So, while I will post some research here, my Twitter (and sometimes LinkedIn) is the better bet for finding it. That said, I will consistently update my CV, current publications, and media highlights on this site.

2) Despite my interest in Internet-based data to understand the dynamics of communication, I'm not very good at blogging myself. Sooner or later, I'll run out of things to say and start writing about what I had for dinner the night before. Let's be honest, nobody wants that. I'll leave that to the Instagram masses.

3) Someone has to make time to run in circles with my dog and religiously watch the New Jersey Devils be mediocre.

Finally, one serious note. Although I may discuss some of my ideas and future research plans here, I won't try to promote any "findings" in my (or other) research before they go through peer-review. I'm a believer in the peer-review process and its usefulness for advancing knowledge. Although a blog is a great outlet for disseminating all kinds of material (like pictures of monkeys hard at work at their desks), I won't use it as an alternative to the scientific method or equate it with publishing in academic outlets.

[awkwardly steps off small soapbox, continues looking at funny pictures of animals]


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