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Recent Interviews/Quotes

29 November 2017: Talking Terror Podcast. Interview with University of East London's Terrorism and Extremism Research Centre about current research program and terrorism studies.


24 January 2017: Can you turn a terrorist back into a citizen? Wired.

16 December 2016: SMA Reach-back: What actions and policies can regional and coalition nations employ to reduce recruitment of ISIL-inspired fighters? US Central Command.

13 November 2016: A US Judge May Sentence Wannabe Terrorists to "Deradicalization". Wired.

4 August 2016: Communication Theory, Counterterrorism Practice. Interview with the National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism about the practical importance of communication theory in fighting terrorism.

2 June 2016: Combating Radicalization. Interview with Interfaith Voices regarding counter-narratives and how they can be useful tools in challenging terrorist propaganda. 

Recent Research Spotlight

5 September 2017 Can ex-militants, and their redemption stories, stop anyone from joining The Islamic State? Los Angeles Times.


27 May 2017: How and Why We Should Take Deradicalization Seriously. Nature.

25 January 2017: Persuasion in a "Post-Truth" World. Stanford Social Innovation Review.

15 August 2016: Reducing Terrorist Recruitment by Countering Terrorist Narratives. Homeland Security News Wire

9 August 2016: How 'Counter-Narratives' Could Fight Extremist Groups. Futurity.

13 June 2016: Are Stories a Key to Human Intelligence. National Public Radio.

17 December 2015: How to Save Lives by Countering ISIS Propaganda. New York Magazine Online.

27 October 2015: Terror Inmates: Countering Violent Extremism in Prisons and Beyond. Huffington Post.

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